How do rural white South Africans deal with their fears?

Forest of Crocodiles is a new fifty-two minute documentary film by Mark Aitken.  The film is currently being screened at international festivals and is being broadcast on BBC World, TV3 in Spain, the Documentary Channel in New Zealand, RTP, Portugal and MNET, South Africa.

A cut down 20 min sensationalized version was broadcast on national Dutch TV in April 2010, causing a lot of discussion.  You can view the trailer here or view the full version by clicking here


‘One of the most refreshing docs to have emerged from South Africa in years’  Journeyman Pictures

What choices do white South Africans make when addressing their fears of crime and violence?  Some are well resourced while others are ingeniously resourceful.  The consequences are regression and isolation or freedom from fear.

Like crocodiles, fearful and well-resourced people can survive without evolving.  But some people refuse to submit to their fears.  For them, the future is an unknown country to be explored.

How does this divided community co-exist?  These people are being pushed to the limits of their imaginations.  To understand them is to feel their fears and walk in a forest of unknown things.


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