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Selva de cocodrils

Forest of Crocodiles is broadcast on Televisió de Catalunya in Spain on Friday 11th June near midnight and a second run on Thursday 17th June at 17.15h.  It’s also available online at their website –

Quines opcions tenen els sud-africans blancs quan s’enfronten a les seves pors del crim i de la violència? Alguns tenen els recursos adequats i d’altres són enginyosament resolutius. Les conseqüències són la regressió i l’aïllament, o la llibertat de la por. Com els cocodrils, la gent espantada i amb bons recursos poden sobreviure sense evolucionar. Però algunes persones refusen sotmetre’s a les seves pors.


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Roger Ballen on fear in SA

‘The fears and the conversation that goes around the fears is part of the mythology of the country itself. So it is a way that people relate to each other. In some countries when people get together they spend time talking about the weather or the schooling or the food, in this country people talk a lot about fears and it’s hard to distinguish what’s a real fear and what’s an imaginary fear. The consequence is that people become more insular, more insecure and more anxious so the more you hide the more you need the hide, and you can’t get out of the syndrome.  It gets to the roots of the soul, to the bottom of the person’s personality and they become immobilized in terms of their own growth and their ability to expand their own consciousness.’

Roger Ballen – quoted from the film

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