London Charity Screening

On Wednesday 6th April Forest of Crocodiles was screened in south London at the Roots and Shoots Cinema.  We raised £165 and all proceeds will go towards building a new community hall in Sunrise Park township.

Here’s a message from Johannes Kelber, the pastor who appears in the film.

Hi everyone,
Its always important to state the reason for using any donation especially in South Africa.

For those who know S.A. you will realize that our African friends tend to associate in small groups, communities. Even with modern transport today the daily and weekly life is lived in a village setup. Even in big cities people asociate with their own group of different cultures and interests. If you really want to get close to them you must get to know such a group starting with the leaders.

Building a huge hall with the idea to reach as many people at the same time on a regular basis does not work here, especially in Rustenburg.
That is why even great church groups exsist in many smaller “church” groups with their own leaders. My church, the Uniting Reformed Church of Southern Africa for example consits of 20 such groups each trying to be accomodated in some form of structure.

The specific town ship called Sunrise Park, has ‘n group of about 50 to 80 members old and young. They have been given a site by the local municipality and have alreadu erected a corrugated building 8 x 5 meters. They have received a donation from a builder, of 15 000 bricks. We expect them to get their own builder whom they must pay etc. etc. We have a idiom which says Mphe, mphe e a lapisa. Motho o kgona ke tsa gagwe.  Translated: Being asked give me give,me, makes us tired. A person succeeds with what he has. So we expect them to do a much as they can. And it does work !

It will basically be a building for worshiping BUT in our communities theirs a great need for recreational & educational facilities. Therefor it will be used by the women and especially the youth who organize activities that willl keep them out of mischief.

Johannes Kelber


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